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      Musician and Dreamer


David Blum’s long-awaited book, “Appointment with the Wise Old Dog: A Bridge to the Transformative Power of Dreams,” provides the necessary, comprehensive complement to his highly regarded 1998 documentary. In contrast to the DVD, this book contains the foundational work comprised of forty-three dream paintings and commentaries derived from a lifetime of numinous archetypal dreams—his thirty-five-year inner journey.

The primary sources of David’s Blum’s commentaries, his diaries and dream journals, date from his seventeenth to his sixty-fourth year. This crucible into which he poured his most intimate confessions contains the living spontaneity of his original experiences remarkably intact. By re-entering the dream state and allowing the images to speak to him, Blum gently leads the reader into his world of color, form, music and the mapping of his soul.

The language, unhampered by jargon or weighty terminology, always remains accessible to the lay reader drawn to inner transformation. This work resonates with the musician, the artist, the theologian, the psychologist and the patient — whether facing a terminal illness or not. It offers the rare potential to communicate our shared capacity to explore multiple levels of meaning, acting as a springboard into one’s own inner experience. Anyone interested in the power of dreams, the transformative effect of symbols and archetypes, or faced with any existential crisis will find this book inspirational.

The entire DVD is remastered and available on vimeo by way of a private link included in the book.