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      Musician and Dreamer


Future Publication

Future Publication: Pictures from the Unconscious 

David left a manuscript consisting of the complete collection of his fifty-one dream drawings, from his first dream at seventeen to his last at sixty-two, along with an in-depth commentary on each of the dreams. This manuscript, to be published as Pictures from the Unconscious, was the crystallization of his thirty-year inner work and is the primary source for David’s DVD Appointment with the Wise Old Dog.

Introduction to Pictures from the Unconscious

"Pictures from the Unconscious represents a lifetime encounter with the pictorial language offered to me by the unconscious. In a sense, I have been a kind of scribe these past thirty years, whose medium has been oil-based crayons. Some of the imagery has come from dreams, some from spontaneous fantasy. The first of these fifty-one drawings, “The Pastoral Symphony,” refers to a 1953 dream I had in Paris when I was seventeen years old. This dream proved to be foundational to my life, and all that has followed flows from that central experience.

The continual challenge was how to gather together a lifetime of commentary in some sort of order while not impeding the flow. The archetypal nature of much of the material renders a strictly chronological order quite meaningless and arbitrary. The inner world is far too rich and replete with nuanced meaning to be neatly categorized. A principal example are the drawings relating to the Anima, I should say, inspired by this central archetype, as if she herself drew them and would not be confined by orderly boundaries. The convergences are powerful - Nature, the power of God, and the prodigious effort of the psyche to achieve balance through a union of opposites.

In my writing limitations undoubtedly are imposed through the one-sidedness of my conscious attitude. My commentaries are only a hint at the meaning of the material contained in Pictures from the Unconscious and certainly not definitive interpretations. I cannot explain the drawings - rather they explain me. My conscious words act, at best, as a bridge to an ever deeper realization of the transformative power of the psyche. The images are greater than I am. They suggest immense cycles of psychic life which pass through me and demand to be recorded and assimilated."  

-David Blum

“I have studied and meditated

on David Blum’s extraordinary documentation

of his dreams and inner work - the immense gifts

that were given to him from his unconscious

and poured into images and music. We are intrigued

on all levels - emotional, imaginal, intellectual.

Our hearts are split open as we watch the process of the inner marriage.”

-Marion Woodman, Jungian Analyst, author and teacher

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